JESSIE  Everything is beautiful because of you!

  • About Brand

    Founded in 1998, JESSIE features a genre appealing to modern womenaged 28 to 45 – being elegant, romantic and highlighting the urban style.

    With distinctive cutting, design and quality, JESSIE has become extremely desirable among white-collar office ladies, who are independent and confident trends followers, with unique understanding and opinions towards fashion.

  • Brand Concept

    JESSIE glorifies them with fashionable designs of great taste. Simple yet fashionable, JESSIE's collection of quality material, great design, exquisite cutting, and innovative craftsmanship create the image of confident and elegant women in an entirely new way.

Fall/Winter 2023

We live in the city, but we yearn for nature. In the midst of disorder, we find the rhythm of life with peace of mind...